For Today I Am a Boy

New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice

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Canadian Authors Association Emerging Writer Award Shortlist

Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize Longlist

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“Like a Mary Temple exhibition, with sunlight and shadows painted on the walls in endless variations on the colour white that a normal person could never tell apart if presented with them separately, For Today I Am A Boy is a tutorial in the many shades of longing… I’d wager a lot more people will know [Fu’s] name before long.”

“It has become cliché to hail an exciting ‘new voice’ in fiction, and many are drowned out by their own hype. […] Kim Fu should be an exception.”

“A true act of mastery… [Fu’s] most remarkable achievement is in creating a quietly unforgettable character, one who is not meant to represent an ‘average’ or ‘typical’ trans life, but an individual one.”

“An assured, spiky debut. […] You close the book believing you’ve met a real person, and that you wish her well.”

“Astonishing… Lit with unexpected, pawky humour. You’ll be intrigued and moved.”

“A talented debut novel that probes the contours of transgender experience with elegance and sensitivity.”

“Fresh, poetic and superhaunting. Five stars from us.”

—Elle Australia

“Start a book club, because you’re going to want to discuss Kim Fu’s debut.”


“As a woman who has never felt particularly feminine, I found the book’s exploration of gender performance fascinating and thought-provoking… A beautifully written novel about a pleasingly complicated character.”

“Moves quickly and gracefully from moment to moment. A quiet novel, but it’s one about quiet pains.”

“Keep[s] you reading… Told in snatches of memory that hurt so much they have the ring of truth.”

—BUST Magazine

“While Peter’s circumstances are specific, the challenges he faces leap national and cultural divisions. This is a moving story, elegantly told.”

—The Courier-Mail

“This is a compelling tale and has real insight into the dilemmas of identity.”

“[A] quietly forceful debut . . . [with] a redemptive trajectory that feels fully earned . . . Shot through with melancholy while capturing the bliss of discovering one’s sexual self.”

“Fu skillfully steers her complex protagonist [in this] significant coming of age story.”

“Excellent… An interesting, thought-provoking novel.”


“Unique and mesmerizing. An important and rewarding read.”

—Steven Galloway,
author of The Cellist of Sarajevo

“Fu orchestrates a collision of culture, generation, gender and place, each crashing head on with her true observations and dark humour. Immensely readable, and unquestionably human.”

—Michael Christie,
author of The Beggar's Garden

“The world doesn’t need many new novels, but the world needs this one.”

—Keith Maillard,
author of Gloria

“Haunting and poetic. A novel that moves past the confines of gender and beautifully explores the ache for human connection.”

—Brian Francis,
author of Fruit and Natural Order

“Daring and timely. Written in a tender and observant prose that reveals so much that’s true forever about human behaviour.”

—Lee Henderson,
author of The Man Game

“A sly, engaging read. Smooth yet spicy, a book you’ll have to talk about.”

—Billie Livingston,
author of Cease to Blush and One Good Hustle